AsianCitiesAdapt - ACA

Sustainable Cities in South-East Asia / Stadtentwicklung in Asien: Entwicklung klimasensitiver Anpassungspläne

The AsianCitiesAdapt partnership will work with and within eight cities in India and the Philippines in order to carry out a cyclical adaptation management process based on adaptation research that integrates local adaptation needs into local governments' everyday operations. The project will serve two different purposes. At city level, each city authority involved will first assess its main climate change vulnerabilities using scientific data and scenarios. Subsequently, the cities will develop a local adaptation strategy to be presented to the local council for endorsement and will then receive support in selecting and realizing pilot projects. At the scientific level, knowledge derived from the assessment of adaptation needs and the implementation of adaptation processes in the project's cities will help pave the road towards more complete adaptation research.

To diminish the risks of climate change the model cities are confronted with through an integrated and cyclic management approach

PIK will lead WP 1 "Review of the impacts of climate change"


Feb 15, 2010 until Nov 14, 2013

Funding Agency

BMU - Bundesministerium für Umwelt, Naturschutz und nukleare Sicherheit

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Jürgen Kropp