PIK expertise at COP 28 in Dubai

30/11/2023 - The major review of all climate policy measures planned to date and the organisation of the climate fund are among the central topics of the 28th UN World Climate Conference in Dubai. From 30 November to 12 December, delegates from the UN countries will discuss further steps, including the climate fund agreed at COP27, which is intended to help poorer countries cope with the damage caused by climate change. Progress on the climate policy goals and measures agreed in the Paris Agreement will also be reviewed as part of the "Global Stocktake". More than 70,000 people from all over the world are taking part in the conference, including experts from the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK).
PIK expertise at COP 28 in Dubai
General view of Al Wasl during the UN Climate Change Conference COP28 at Expo City Dubai on November 30, 2023, in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Photo: COP28 / Mahmoud Khaled

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Friday, December 1 | 16:30 (GMT+4), German Pavilion | From Science to Action: Overcoming Challenges in Implementing Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR) Pathways

The debate surrounding carbon dioxide removal is pivotal as the European Union strives to achieve its climate objectives. The goal is greenhouse gas neutrality by 2050, demanding immediate and comprehensive emission reductions as well as CO2 removals. Central to this discussion are the inevitable existence of residual emissions due to essential societal activities, the critical necessity of distinguishing between emission reductions and removals, comprehensive assessments of CO2 removal to design sustainable pathways, and the questions surrounding practical implementation and scaling-up of CO2 removal methods.

Speakers: Steve Smith (Oxford Smith School), Andreas Oschlies (GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel), Julia Pongratz (LMU Munich), Lukas Fehr (LMU Munich), Jessica Strefler (PIK), Oliver Geden (German Institute for International and Security Affairs, SWP)

Weblink to German pavilion: https://www.german-climate-pavilion.de/cop28-program/from-science-to-action-overcoming-challenges-in-implementing-carbon-dioxide-removal-cdr-pathways-event


Saturday, December 2 | 17:00-17:40 GST, Swedish Pavilion, Blue Zone | Reimagining how we feed the world – Collective actions to future-proof our global food systems

How could global food systems better sustain our planet and its people by 2040? As the global population nears 9.2 billion by 2040, the urgency to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and enhance ecological conditions is paramount.

Speakers: H.E. Mohammed Saeed Al Nuaimi (Acting Undersecretary, Ministry of Climate Change and Environment, UAE (MOCCAE)), Johan Rockström (PIK), Máximo Torero Cullen (Chief Economist, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)), Diane Holdorf (Executive Vice President, Pathways, World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD)), Charles Brand (Executive Vice President, Processing Solutions & Equipment, Tetra Pak)

Weblink to event: https://invitepeople.com/public/events/db7b2e376a/seminars/bfee81ad67
Livestream: https://invitepeople.com/events/db7b2e376a


Saturday, December 2 | 18:30-20:00, SE Room 5, Blue Zone | How to raise ambition? New research on deepening emission cuts and enhancing economic opportunities.

We explore the scope of advanced mitigation measures to deepen near term emission cuts and better align global emissions with the 1.5°C limit based on latest results from mitigation scenario modelling in the NAVIGATE project. This is complemented by perspectives on facilitating deep decarbonisation in India, Brasil and the EU.

Speakers: Elmar Kriegler (PIK), Ottmar Edenhofer (PIK), Jessica Strefler (PIK), Nico Bauer (PIK), Kelly Sims Gallagher (Tufts University), Detlef van Vuuren (PBL), Easwaran Narassimhan (Tufts University), Natalie Unterstell (Instituto Talanoa)

Weblink to UNFCC side events: https://seors.unfccc.int/applications/seors/reports/events_list.html


Sunday, December 3 | 16.30 - 17.00 GST (UAE local time) / 13:30 Berlin time, 12:30 GMT, UNFCCC Press conference Room 1, Zone B8, Blue Zone | Global Launch of 10 New Insights in Climate Science 2023/2024

Global experts in social and natural sciences unveile the annual 10 New Insights in Climate Science report. The report represents the efforts of 67 leading researchers including several scientists from PIK, to synthesize the latest developments in climate change research in order to help inform negotiations at the ongoing COP28 and policy implementation through 2024 and beyond.

Weblink to Future Earth
: https://futureearth.org/2023/11/17/future-earth-bringing-science-front-and-center-at-cop28-in-dubai/
Livestream: https://unfccc.int/event/future-earth-wcrp-earth-league-with-unfccc-executive-secretary-mr-simon-stiell-10-new-insights-in


Monday, December 4 | 11:30-13:00, SE Room 9, in-person only | Beyond the Global Stocktake to create feasible and just transitions

This event presents a multi-model assessment of current implemented policies and ambitions on climate outcomes and propose ways to strengthen ambition. We explore the effects of addressing feasibility concerns on climate scenarios and discuss how just transitions can be included in climate scenarios.

Speakers: Michel den Elzen (PBL), Isabela Tagomori (PBL), Roberto Schaefer (COPPE), Christoph Bertram (UMD/PIK), Keywan Riahi (IIASA), Gintare Zinkeviciute (CS)

Weblink to IIASA
: https://iiasa.ac.at/events/nov-2023/iiasa-at-cop28
Weblink to UNFCC side events: https://seors.unfccc.int/applications/seors/reports/events_list.html


Monday, December 4 | 14:30 - 15:30 GST (UAE local time), COP28/Dubai, Arizona State University Julie Ann Wrigley Global Futures Laboratory Pavilion, in-person/live-streamed | 10 New Insights in Climate Science 2023/2024 Panel Discussion 

Speakers: Sandrine Dixson-Declève (The Club of Rome), Carlos Nobre (Institute for Advanced Studies at University of São Paulo), Laura Pereira  (University of the Witwatersrand; Stockholm University), Johan Rockström (PIK), Peter Schlosser (Global Futures Laboratory, Arizona State University)

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Monday, December 4 | 18:30-19:30 GST | 15:30-16:30 CET, Location: YouTube & Food and Agriculture Pavilion TA2-120, Building 89, B7, Thematic Arena 2, Blue Zone, Expo City Dubai | FSEC event: The True Cost of Food - Driving Food System Transformation at Local and Global Levels

A brand-new report on True Cost Accounting (TCA) by FAO concludes that the hidden costs of the global food system exceed USD 10 trillion annually. This figure is supported by the upcoming report from the Food System Economics Commission and exceeds current estimates of the food system’s contribution to the global economy. Join to learn from experts who will discuss key findings about the role of TCA in driving food system transformation at both global and local levels, and how these studies deliver a clear roadmap for government and business leaders to identify and scale solutions to address humanity’s most pressing challenges.

Annelies Withofs (Programme Manager, IKEA Foundation, David Laborde, Director of the Agri-food Economics Division, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)), Ottmar Edenhofer (Co-chair, Food System Economics Commission (FSEC); and Director & Chief Economist, Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK)), Jaqueline McGlade (Chief Scientist & Co-founder of DownForce Technologies; and Professor at Strathmore University Business School), Pavan Sukhdev (Chief Executive Officer, GIST Impact, Vera Songwe, Co-chair, Food System Economics Commission (FSEC); and Nonresident senior fellow, Africa Growth Initiative, Brookings Institution)

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Tuesday, December 5 | 14:00 - 15:20, in-person only | Governing Our Planetary Emergency: Key Perspectives and Proposals from the 2023 Climate Governance Commission Report

After the November 28th launch of the Report, “Governing Our Planetary Emergency,” of the Climate Governance Commission, Chaired by Mary Robinson, Johan Rockström, and María Fernanda Espinosa, experts invited by the Climate Governance Commission, with a special focus on youth, will discuss key perspectives and proposals from the report.

Speakers: Mary Robinson (Lead Co-Chair of the Climate Governance Commission and Chair of the Elders, Former President of Ireland), Maria Fernanda Espinosa (Co-Chair of the Climate Governance Commission and Executive Director of Global Women Leaders Voices, 73rd President of the UN General Assembly), Johan Rockström (PIK, Scientific Co-Chair of the Climate Governance Commission), Maja Groff (Convenor, Climate Governance Commission, Moderator)

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Wednesday, December 6 | 10.00-10.30, Press Conference Room 2, Zone B6, Building 77, Press 2, Blue Zone, Expo City Dubai | Press Conference: Global Tipping Points Report 2023

Tipping points pose some of the greatest risks to our planet’s life-support systems and the stability of our societies. In an unprecedented effort by the scientific community, researchers have now produced a comprehensive report on Earth system tipping points and their potential impacts and opportunities for societal change. More than 200 scientists from around the world contributed to the ‘Global Tipping Points Report’.



Friday, December 8 | 12.00-13:00 GST (UAE local time), Resilience Pavilion, Blue Zone | 10 Insights in Climate Science - A Deep Dive

Speakers: Johan Rockström, PIK, Oliver Geden, IPCC WG III Vice-Chair, German Institute for International and Security Affairs, Berlin, Germany, Aditi Mukherji, Principal Researcher, IMWI and CGIAR, Kolkata, India, Minister Zakia Khattabi, Minister of Climate, the Environment, Sustainable Development and Green Deal, EU parliament, Moderator Sophie Hebden, Future Earth
Weblink to Future Earth: https://futureearth.org/2023/11/17/future-earth-bringing-science-front-and-center-at-cop28-in-dubai/


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