Gunnar Luderer appointed Professor for Global Energy Systems Analysis at TU Berlin

02/09/2019 - Dr Gunnar Luderer, doctor of physics and atmospheric scientist, has been appointed to the newly created Chair of Global Energy Systems Analysis at the Technical University of Berlin. The chair is jointly funded by the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK) and the Institute for Energy Technology at the Technical University of Berlin. Prof Luderer will work primarily in the field of energy system transformation and the worldwide transformation towards sustainable energy systems.
Gunnar Luderer appointed Professor for Global Energy Systems Analysis at TU Berlin
Professor Gunnar Luderer, PIK and TU Berlin. Photo: PIK/Phototek

"This appointment is a great honour for me. The creation of the new department of Global Energy System Analysis at one of the most important universities in the country is a great recognition of our work. The chair is a great opportunity to further advance and deepen my research into the sustainable design of energy systems and thus the stabilisation of our global climate," says Prof Dr Gunnar Luderer, Deputy Head of the Research Department "Transformation Paths" at PIK.

With the TU Berlin and the PIK, two centres of excellence in energy research have been cultivating a productive exchange for some time now. The new joint professorship is intended to deepen a holistic view of two fundamental processes: In order to achieve emission neutrality, the transition to a renewable-dominated electricity system must be paralleled by replacing the direct use of fossil energy for transport, heating and industry. In addition to climate mitigation, coherence with other sustainability goals such as affordability and nature conservation also plays an important role. 

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