Lecture - Global sustainability in the Anthropocene

Lecture dates and topics in the WS 2023/2024:

Monday, 14.15-15.45h, Potsdam Golm, House 25, F1.01

16.10.2023 - The Anthropocene
13.11.2023 - Nonlinear dynamics, tipping elements and their interactions
27.11.2023 - Social tipping processes and methods for studying complex social-ecological system
11.12.2023 - Climate and Earth system modelling
08.01.2024 - The planetary boundaries framework
22.01.2024 - Planetary Boundaries in Policy and Transformations for reaching safe climate landing zones
05.02.2024 - TBD

Lecture slides and additional literature are stored in the PIK cloud accessible via the following link: https://cloud.pik-potsdam.de/index.php/s/tW2WayDfsQqsQ2c