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News & Media

New publication on "Past abrupt changes in North Atlantic Overturning have impacted the climate system across the globe"

"Eine Enttäuschung": Niklas Boers zum Amazonas-Gipfel, Tagesthemen Interview

Schutz des Amazonas Regenwaldes - Tagesschau-Interview mit Niklas Boers

Movie on Tipping Points for CO28 by Cambridge Center for Climate Repair

Regierungswechsel in Brasilien: Was das für den Amazonas bedeutet

Policy Brief: Key findings and recommendations from three H2020 Projects on Tipping Points

Climate simulation more realistic with Artificial Intelligence

Seasonal prediction of Indian Summer Monsoon onset with Neural Networks

Bericht indigener Völker: Amazonas-Regenwald am Kipppunkt

PIK Press release: Amazon rainforest is losing resiliance: new evidence from satellite data analysis

Guardian Article to: Climate crisis: Amazon rainforest tipping point is looming, data shows

The Washington Post: Satellite images show the Amazon rainforest is hurtling towards a "tipping point"

Guardian article on our study suggesting that the Altantic Meridional Overturning Circulation has been losing stability

Guardian article on our stability analysis of the western Greenland ice sheet

EGU 2021 NP Division Outstanding Early Career Scientist Award

TiPES Podcasts on Amazon resilience

Brandenburg Postdoc Award 2019

Press release on our recent paper on Amazon resilience

Press release on our recent paper on extreme rainfall teleconnections

Nature Physics highlighted our recent paper on extreme rainfall teleconnections

Radio interview on the hydrological impacts of global warming (OE1 - german)

Radio interview on consequences of the Amazon forest fires (Deutschlandfunk - german)

Radio interview on the Amazon as a tipping element (Deutschlandfunk Kultur - german)