Current PhD theses RD2


Start date


Supervisor at PIK University
Tushar Athare 09/2017 Social, economic and environmental implication of Indian lifestyles J. Kropp tba

Felicitas Beier

01/2019 Analysis and evaluation of policy instruments for an economically efficient and environmentally sustainable water use in agriculture considering socio-economic impacts and equity H. Lotze-Campen HU Berlin
Marie Brunel 01/2018 Modelling the role of grassland fire on Brasilian land use change H. Lotze-Campen HU Berlin
Carlos Fernandez Palomino 03/2018 Multi-objective hydrology model calibration for improved hydrological processes characterization in the upper Amazon River F. Hattermann Uni Potsdam
Lara Gerking 03/2022 n.a. S. Gabrysch Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin
Manon Glockmann 04/2018 Projections of global urban land cover J. Kropp Uni Potsdam
Nele Gloy
05/2023 Assessing the potential for agroforestry systems in a climate-water-soil-nexus to enhance food security in Western Africa C. Gornott Uni Kassel
Marie Hemmen 08/2021 Right for the wrong reasons: The role of heat stress in agricultural yield simulations H. Lotze-Campen HU Berlin
01/2015 Urban growth dynamics and climate change J. Kropp Uni Potsdam
Yunfei Li 10/2016 Modeling urban climate in view of past and future urbanization as well as mono- and polycentrism J. Kropp Uni Potsdam
Sophie von Loeben
05/2023 Loosing value, adding value – climate change impacts on coffee value chains and possible adaptation strategies in Eastern Africa C. Gornott Uni Kassel
Gina Maskell 11/2019 Integrating remote sensing and mixed social science methods for studying climate impact & adaptation in tropical agroecosystems C. Gornott/
H. Lotze-Campen
HU Berlin
Mats Nieberg (Mahnken) 06/2019 Resilience of forest ecosystem services - effects of varying management and uncertain extents of climatic shifts with associated disturbance regime transformation in Europe C. Reyer TU Dresden
Paula Romanovska 01/2021 Making use of climate information for agricultural adaptation planing C. Gornott University of Kassel
Stefanie Wesch 07/2020 Security in Times of Climate Change: Armed Group Recruitment under Extreme Weather Impacts I. Otto Hamburg University
Stephen Wirth 01/2019 Interactions of plant trait diversity and graying management in different climates: modelling forage supply by grassland ecosystems S. Rolinski Christian Albrechts Uni Kiel