Workshop on climate-friendly construction at PIK

15/11/2023 - In the framework of a Connective Cities dialogue event approximately 40 international participants met at PIK for three days in a workshop entitled “Towards a Climate Positive Built Environment Using Bio-based and Re-used Materials”. Participants from municipal government, business, and civil society including Mayor of Potsdam Mike Schubert, gave presentations, shared their expertise and explored local project ideas on how to progress climate-friendly construction.
Workshop on climate-friendly construction at PIK

In his keynote Professor Jürgen Kropp (Head of the Urban Transformation Group at PIK and coordinator of the LOCALISED project) underlined the importance of local actions, especially in the construction sector which is causing a high share of emissions. Therefore, this sector plays a crucial role in archiving international climate goals.

The city of Potsdam as the hosting municipality of this event is also very active in the field of timber construction and presented two examples to the audience. Also other German municipalities are already active in using either bio-based materials for construction and/or renovation or developing concepts for reusing materials in renovation processes. The Bauhaus Earth team presented their experimental pavilion plans which will be made out of timber and other bio-based materials in order to showcase them in Potsdam. The international guests brought in new perspectives and also ideas from traditional buildings and challenges they are facing in their countries as well as community approaches and concepts they have tested successfully.

Together, participants started to exchange their experiences, started new cooperation and developing plans for urgent questions coming out of the group. All in all, participants of the workshop identified many very similar challenges worldwide and realised that peer-to-peer learning benefits everyone. Therefore, participants will stay in touch and plan further cooperation as well as continuous mutual exchange.

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