Dr. Jobst Heitzig

FutureLab Leader, Senior Scientist



Curriculum Vitae

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Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK)
T +49 (0)331 288 2692
P.O. Box 60 12 03
14412 Potsdam


Dr. Jobst Heitzig holds a PhD in mathematics from Hannover University and has worked as a scientific officer with the German National Statistical Office, as a data warehouse analyst with the German Development Bank KfW, and as a freelance statistical software trainer with SAS. Since 2010 at PIK, he was a project lead of an EIT Climate-KIC project on Power Grid Stability (SWIPO), co-speaker of the flagship project copan – coevolutionary pathways, and has organized several interdisciplinary international workshops and conferences.

Group decisions, cooperation, game theory

Development of data analysis methods

Conceptual models of human-nature co-evolution

Power grid stability and resilience (Slides from a 2015 keynote lecture)

Dr. Heitzig has published on game theory, complex networks theory, dynamical systems theory, environmental economics, social choice, statistical methods, general topology, confidentiality protection, combinatorics, and environmental ethics, and has edited two special issues for the journal EPJ ST.

Publications according to Google Scholar

  • Erdős number: 2 (via Marcel Erné)
  • Bacon number: 4 (via Muß ein Herrenwäscheverkäufer homosexuell sein? – Dieter Rita Scholl – Meeting Venus – Glenn Close – The Paper – Marisa Tomei – Loverboy – Kevin Bacon)
  • hence Erdős–Bacon number: 2+4=6 (according to Wikipedia, only four people are known to have a smaller Erdős–Bacon number, which I doubt)
  • according to the Mathematics Genealogy, my almost complete lineage is:
    Nicolaus Copernicus → Georg Joachim von Leuchen Rheticus → Valentin Otto → Melchior Jöstel → Ambrosius Rhodius → Christoph Notnagel → Johann Andreas Quenstedt → Michael Walther Jr. → Johann Pasch → Johann Andreas Planer → Christian August Hausen → Abraham Gotthelf Kästner → Georg Christoph Lichtenberg → Johann Tobias Mayer → Enno Heeren Dirksen → Carl Gustav Jacob Jacobi Emmy Amalie Noether → Max Deuring → Max Koecher → Marcel Erné → Jobst Heitzig, which is by no means special since in their database almost 2/3 of all mathematicians go back to Copernicus!