Integrating a comprehensive European approach for climate change mitigation and adaptation in Montenegro viticulture

MONTEVITIS is twinning project aiming to establish and extend the institutional network between the project partners to implement a knowledge transfer and enhance research of local Montenegrin partners, targeting three pillars of research directions: 1. Adapting and extending the use and properties of the existing tools in assessing impact and daptation possibilities for regional climate changes. 2. Understanding the impacts of climate change on the course of physiological processes in the vine, affecting quantity and quality of grapes and wines. 3. Identification, assessment and use of technologies for detection, supervision and mitigation of the effects of regional climate change.

The principal objective of MONTEVITIS is to strengthen, homogenize and augment research and collaboration capacities and performance of Montenegrin partners, both within Montenegro and across the European prospect, in specific topics of climate change mitigation and adaptation in viticulture.

PIK will lead work package 2 on the implementation of knowledge transfer, which aims to develop and implement data sets of grapevine and environmental parameters and conducting grapevine model simulations to assess the impact of climate change on grapevine. This will ultimately lead to the development of a decision support platform for winegrowers and vineyard monitoring. PIK will also contribute to various capacity building actions and guide activities to ensure future collaborations after the project completion.


Jan 01, 2023 until Dec 31, 2025

Funding Agency

EU, Horizon Europe

Funding Call

HORIZON-WIDERA-2021-ACCESS-02-01: Twinning Western Balkans Special


Christoph Menz

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