POEM-PBSim – A Simulator for Earth’s Planetary Boundaries (Pilotphase)

The planetary boundaries framework has been introduced to define a safe operating space for humanity given the multitude of anthropogenic pressures on vital components of the Earth system. Despite their substantial importance for national and international policy processes on sustainable development, Earth's planetary boundaries remain only poorly defined and quantified, mainly due to non-linear feedbacks in the Earth system and non-trivial interactions between different Earthsystem components. Fundamental scientific progress along these lines is urgently needed and requires a novel and integrative Earth-system modelling approach based on fast, modular coupled models including an advanced representation of the terrestrial biosphere. The focus of this project is to make the prototype of the Potsdam Earth Model (POEM) operational as a planetary boundary simulator (POEM-PBSim) and perform a first quantification of key planetary boundaries.


Jan 01, 2021 until Feb 29, 2024

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