Yield loss indication tool - Climate-related yield loss assessment of Tanzanian farmers by the statistical crop model IRMA

Tanzanian small-scale farmers are highly vulnerable for climate-related crop yield losses, which might increase due to climate change. These yield losses inhibit the establishment of a resilient farming system and endanger food security. If yield losses could be assessed when they occur, this information could be used by index-based crop insurances to stabilize small-scale farmers’ income (adaptation). Our statistical crop model IRMA (Interregional Regression Model for Agriculture) is suitable to assess yield losses and differentiate between climate-related and economic yield perils. Together with Munich Re, PIK will develop the IRMA for the market requirements and provide knowledge transfers to Tanzania.


Jun 01, 2016 until Dec 31, 2016

Funding Agency

EU, EIT Climate KIC

Funding Call

Pathfinder, IDEATOR


Christoph Gornott / Timon Graf