Preparatory action on climate in the Carpathian region - Framework contract for in-depth assessments of vulnerability of environmental resources and ecosystem-based adaptation measures

The data inventory shows that Carpathian research has so far been rather sectoral and pan-Carpathian research is underrepresented. E.g. no climatologic maps and projections are available that focus specifically on the Carpathian region. Little integrated research into the impacts of climate change is currently available. In addition to the pan-Carpathian studies, a set of more focused integrated vulnerability assessments for specific focal areas and selected regional highlights is proposed.

The project includes in-depth assessments of vulnerability of water, ecosystems conditions and services and ecosystem - based sectors to climate change impacts and In-depth assessments of the proposed concrete adaptation measures,including their costs and benefits in the Carpathian basin.

PIK contributes to service requests on the subjects: (SR1) In depth study on the key climate change threats and impacts on water ressources. and (SR6) Integral vulnerability assessments in focal areas


Dec 27, 2011 until Dec 31, 2013

Funding Agency

EU - European Union

Funding Call

FP7, DG Environment Special Requests, ENV.D.1/FRA/2011/0006


Hagen Koch