Glaciers and Moraines of the Mount Cook Region, New Zealand

Field Excursion of the NOAA Panel on Abrupt Climate Change
January 2002

Mount Cook is seen in the center, with Hooker valley on left, Tasman valley on right

Mount Cook seen from helicopter

Franz Josef glacier flowing downhill, to meet
warmer temperatures where ice can melt

Our helicopters on Geikie snowfield,
accumulation zone of the Franz Josef Glacier

Looking for organic material for carbon dating in the 
terminus of Franz Josef glacier (Chris Hendy, Richard Alley, 
Tom Lowell; standing: Jeff Severinghaus, Mark Cane)

Lake Pukaki, remnant of the last great
Ice Age that ended ~10,000 years ago

Small lakes (tarns) have formed on the lateral moraine terrace  above Lake Pukaki. This formed during the Last Glacial Maximum  ca. 20,000 years ago, when a huge glacier filled the valley.

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