Book: The Climate Crisis

(Published January 2010)

The Climate Crisis summarises the current scientific knowledge on climate change for a wide readership, lavishly illustrated with hundreds of photos and graphs. It explains the basic science and measurements, the impacts of climate change as well as the solution strategies.

David Archer / Stefan Rahmstorf
The Climate Crisis
2010. 250 pages.
ISBN 978-0-521-73255-0 (paperback version)
Cambridge University Press


1. Retrospective: What we knew and when we knew it
2. Earth's energy budget
3. Climate change so far
4. Snow and ice
5. How the oceans are changing
6. The past is the key to the future
7. What the future holds
8. Impacts of climate change
9. Avoiding climate change
10. Climate policy

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"David Archer and Stefan Rahmstorf - two outstanding scientists - bring us up-to-date on climate science in this remarkable and very readable book.
This book deserves to be read by anyone interested in climate change."

Paul Crutzen, Max Plank Institute for Chemistry, winner of the Nobel Prize for Chemistry for explaining the ozone hole



"This book should be read by anyone who is interested in climate change but does not have the time or commitment to read the IPCC reports. It is balanced in explaining what is known with confidence and what is not and the uncertainties. Each chapter opens with a summary of its content and concludes with an excellent discussion of the main findings and their implications."

Kevin Trenberth, Eos, 21 June 2011

"They are excellent communicators of the science to the general reader...
One hopes for a wide readership for this measured book which clearly and thoughtfully sets out the results of the work of a great many scientists."

Bryan Walker, Hot Topic, 19 January 2010