Our Threatened Oceans

"A must read for anyone interested in the future of our ocean planet."
Daniel Pauly, Professor of Fisheries, The University of British Columbia

"This superb book is an accurate and highly readable summary of the latest scientific understanding about what is happening to our oceans, and how it will affect us all."
(Carl Safina, author of Song for the Blue Ocean and President of the Blue Ocean Institute)

S. Rahmstorf/K. Richardson:
Our Threatened Oceans
Feb. 2009
, 260 pages
ISBN 1906598061
Haus Publishing


1. Oceans and their Role in the Global Climate
2. Life in the Oceans
3. Global Element Cycles
4. Climate Change and the Oceans
5. Changes to the Element Cycles
6. Changes to Life in the Ocean
7. The Ocean as a Waste Receptacle
8. Other Human Uses of the Ocean
9. Visions of the Future

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The authors provide a concise introduction to physical oceanography and the biodiversity of oceans. Two major themes running throughout this book are the interactions between humans and the oceans--we are the primary reason the oceans are threatened--and the oceans' primary role in regulating the global climate system. The book ends with both dark and bright visions of the future, depending on how humans decide to interact with our oceans. This work is suitable for the average reader interested in global climate change and the future of the oceans. Summing Up: Recommended.
S. H. Schimmrich, Choice Magazine