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Control of simulation flow

Start of program

4C starts with an introductory menu to select the simulation control: 

It is possible to configure one or multiple simulation runs one after another with different parameterization or initialization = "Multi run".

All information will be imported from a control file (recommenden extension: *.sim), which name can be selected from a list..

All information needed to run the simulation is given here.

After the selection of the flags to directly control the simulation and the output, more information to characterize the location have to be announced. This information concerning soil, vegetation and climate conditions is being imported through different files (s. site depending data files). Furthermore, other files with species parameters, and management strategies are being imported.

The location needs get a name, which will be used to create the output file (see 3. output data files).

Tip: It is favourable to name the files that belong to a certain location with the location name and the respectively suggested extension. This naming will be automatically set as default after the location name is given, so that in this case no further editing of the file names is necessary.


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