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User manual for GUI-version 4C


  • file and start 4cwin.exe in a directory, that has the subfolders input and output
  • file *.sim acts as model-control in which the used data and the control-flags are saved
  • description of the soil profile: *.sop
  • nitrogen availability: *.red
  • climate *.cli
  • inventory (population,crop) initialization: *.ini
  • tree species parameter: species.par
  • management-control: *.man


(unless explained in other documents)

  • *.ctrl contains an overview of the simulation-control
  • Two ,compressed’-files are automatically being applied with an opening information (*_B.cmp) and the performance information (*_E.cmp). The latter file includes average- and final value of some model variables
  • *_error.log includes information about errors (absence of files or model problems)
  • *_tree.ini1 and *_soil.ini1 include the inventory- and soil information at the end of the simulation, and can be used to start an other simulation
  • Daily and annual output-dimensions are described in the respective chapter.

Graphical User Interface (GUI)

1st window

  • Press point 1(Start simulation): Choice of a default *.sim file
  • 4C opens a DOS-window, which displays some messages and information about the simulation run.


After the end of the simulation:

  • Press Exit 4C
  • Close DOS-window

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