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Is the option community or national/regional scale?

The next question to consider is whether the option being is being implemented at a community or national/regional scale.

Adaptation activities are often focused at the local level where impacts will be experienced and supported by an 'enabling environment' made up of institutions, access to information, funding and peer networks. Over the last few years there has been a very welcome focus on community based adaptation processes and a wealth of material has become available giving examples from practice and useful learning for others wanting to initiate similar activities. Participatory, community based tools are used to assess of existing livelihood patterns, including an understanding of vulnerable systems and groups. They tend to be multisectoral and sustainable and, if done effectively the outputs of the assessment will be owned and understood by the households and individuals affected. There is a usually a focus on identifying and implementing action aimed at improving capacity to resist and recover from the impacts of climate change.

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This section is based on the UNEP PROVIA guidance document

Criteria checklist

1. You want to implement adaptation actions.
2. The phases of "Getting started" have been adressed.
3. There is no agreement about which stakeholders need to be involved.
4. As a next step you are faced with the question whether the option is community or national/regional scale