Data and correction for Rahmstorf et al., Nature Climate Change (2015)

This page makes available the proxy data files for the AMOC index as shown in Fig. 3 of:

Rahmstorf, S., J.E. Box, G. Feulner, M.E. Mann, A. Robinson, S. Rutherford, and E.J. Schaffernicht, 2015: Exceptional twentieth-century slowdown in Atlantic Ocean overturning circulation. Nature Climate change, DOI:10.1038/nclimate2554.

In each of the three files, the first data column is the year, the second is the data series, and the third is the 2-sigma uncertainty. (The instrumental data also shown in the panels are not included in the files; they are the HadCRUT4 data publically available here).

Mean Northern Hemisphere temperature anomaly (Fig. 3a)

Subpolar gyre temperature anomaly (Fig. 3b)

AMOC index (Fig. 3c)

Further information
The Northern Hemisphere data and underlying explanations etc. are available from:
The grid box data, explanations, etc. that go into the subpolar gyre series are available from:


In Fig. 1 of the paper we accidentally showed the data for December, while the intention was to show annual mean data. The graph of annual mean trends looks as follows:

Needless to say, this does not change any of our conclusions. A formal correction was published on 3 September 2015.