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Analysis and
Advanced Terrestrial Ecosystem Analysis and Modelling

Funded by the 5th Framework Programme of the European Commission
"Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development"
Project No. EVK2-2000-00075
Life time 2001-2003

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Project Summary

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Ecosystems provide a number of vital services for European people and society. Global environmental changes such as climate change, land use change and atmospheric pollution can have significant effects on these ecosystem services. For example, the capacity of European ecosystems to provide fresh water, agricultural products, biodiversity and recreational opportunities is likely to be affected by global change.

Many people and organisations in Europe have a direct interest in the well-functioning of ecosystems. The ATEAM project is concerned with the risks that global change poses to the interests of these stakeholders. By assessing the vulnerability to global change of sectors relying on ecosystem services, ATEAM will support stakeholders* in their decision-making and will promote sustainable use of ecosystems.
*Stakeholders � people and organisations who have an interest in information on ecosystem services and their vulnerability to global change. Relevant stakeholders for ATEAM include natural resource managers, planners and decision-makers, both within the private and the public sector. More about our Stakeholder Dialogue can be found here.

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