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Analysis and
Advanced Terrestrial Ecosystem Analysis and Modelling

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The ATEAM sectors: Agriculture | Forestry | Carbon storage | Water | Biodiversity | Mountains

Drought in the Carmargue, Southern-France.

Flooded houses.

A boat on the Lake District, United Kingdom.

Flooded meadows.
ATEAM sector: Water

Ecosystem services:

  • Water supply (households, agriculture)
  • Drought & flood prevention
  • Transport
  • Power generation
Indicators within the ATEAM assessment framework:
  • Stream flow quality
  • Stream flow quantity
Principal investigators: Nigel Arnell (
SOTON, United Kingdom).

Model: Mac-pdm.

Main interacting ATEAM sectors: Agriculture, Carbon storage & energy, Forestry.

A succession of floods and droughts in the previous years has illustrated Europe's vulnerability to hydrological extremes. Apart from that there are many other water-related pressures on the environment, such as increasing demand for water. The quality of Europe's rivers is threatened by the discharge of sewage, industrial waste and the excessive application of pesticides and fertilisers. At the same time institutional aspects of water resource management are changing towards strategies of sustainable water use. What are the most pressing problems Europe's water managers will have to deal with in the next 100 years?
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