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Analysis and
Advanced Terrestrial Ecosystem Analysis and Modelling

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The ATEAM sectors: Agriculture | Forestry | Carbon storage | Water | Biodiversity | Mountains

Wood production.

Forest managers are interested in the probability of forest fires.

Large areas in Europe are covered by forest plantations. Forest road in ┼heden, Northern-Sweden.

Large wooded areas stabilise the mircoclimate.
ATEAM sector: Forestry

Ecosystem services:

  • Wood production
  • Power generation (biofuel: wood biomass)
  • Landscape diversity
Indicators within the ATEAM assessment framework:
  • Tree productivity: wood biomass & increment (heartwood, sapwood)
  • Felling potential, age classes & natural tree mortality
  • Suitability of tree species
  • Biofuel wood suitability and yield
  • Forest management change
  • Pest susceptibility
Principal investigators: Santi SabatÚ (
CREAF, Spain), Timo Karjalainen (EFI, Finland) & Frits Mohren (WU, Netherlands).


Main interacting ATEAM sectors: Carbon storage & Energy, Biodiversity & nature conservation, Mountains (Tourism & recration).

The ATEAM will apply a forest modelling framework driven by changes in climate, land use, and in carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere. The model framework takes forest management practices into account. It does however leave the evaluation of economic profitability to the stakeholders e.g. of the forest industry.
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