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December 2014

Live radio-interview on climate change & society.
Saturday 20th Dec. 2014 9-11 a.m. (German)

December 2014

Interview on climate change and society.

December 2014

Interview on climate change and society (German).

November 2014

Special article on climate conference in Lima.
(Saturday print edition, page 2)

November 2014
Interview on sea-level rise, climate change and future society. (German)

September 2014

Synod of protestant church of northern Germany: Talk on climate change, Lübeck, Germany
(45 min in German, 33 Mb)

August 2014

Antarctica could raise sea level faster than previously thought » Original publications & Data
Media coverage:
» Bloomberg » Huffington Post
» One India » Bloomberg Businessweek
» Slate » Climate Central
» truthdig » Economic Times
» Forex Gucheng » The Weather Channel
» » Wallstreet China
» Khaleej Times » Delhi Daily News
» Jakarta Globe » University Herald
» » Stockstar - Finance
» DW » Indonesian
» negocios » Deutsche Welle
» Z news » radio intereconomia

July 2014

Article on
Project-Syndicate article on Antarctica's point of no return

June 2014

Webcast: Presentation on Antarctic Instabilities at UNFCCC Climate Conference 2014 in Bonn, Germany.

Coverage: Reuters, Irish Times & Deutsche Welle

June 2014

Interview on climate change and practical implications (German).

May 2014

Engineering and Technology Magazine:
"Climate change: can supply chains take the strain?" by Sian Harris

May 2014

Ice plug prevents irreversible discharge from East Antarctica » Original publications
Media coverage:
» Reuters » National Geographic
» Independent » Washington Post
» ABC News » Huffington Post
» Chicago Tribune » Queensland Times
» Apple daily » Economic Times
» Delhi Daily » International Business Times
» Deutsche Welle » Business Standard
» Die Welt » South China Morning Post
» Fokus » Hamburger Abendblatt
» Der Stern » Japanese Times
» Der Standard » Wiender Zeitung
Audio interview with
Australian Broadcast Cooperation
Audio interview with
Deutschlandradio Wissen

March 2014

Radio interview: global warming & sea-level rise
Audio recording here
& shortened transcript here

March 2014
Detailed audio interview on global adaptation of supply chains and the data portal zeean.

March 2014
Future sea-level threatens world cultural heritage
» Original publications. » List of UNESCO sites.
Media coverage:
» The Guardian. » Le Monde.
» Huffington Post. » New Scientist.
» CBS News. » Climate Central.
» Economic Times. » Times of India.
» Intern. Busimess Times. » Epoche Times.
» Süddeutsche Zeitung. » Die Welt.
» Hamburger Abendblatt. » Berliner Zeitung.
» Handelsblatt. »
» Der Standard. » Focus.
» Kleine Zeitung. » Wiener Zeitung.
Audio interview in
Deutschlandradio Kultur

October 2013
Portrait in local newspaper of my hometown Bremerhaven (Article
, Front page, and Online interview).

October 2013

Article on internal discussions and disputes within author team of the sea-level chapter of the IPCC-AR5 report

September 2013
Radio interview on IPCC: climate change, sea level rise & how to avoid them

September 2013

Interview with major German tabloid BILD.
Brief version in Print edition.

(in context with the obligatory naked lady.)
Longer online version.

September 2013

TV interview on the IPCC, climate change,
sea level rise and how to avoid them

July 2013
Favoured as "Federal Minister for the Environment" by actress Christiane Paul in German magazine Cicero - deeply honoured!

July 2013

Interview: "We simply put expiration dates on certain cultures and societies."

July 2013

Interview: Climate Disruption and Sea Level Rise

April 2013

Interview: Klimaforscher auf dem Eis

April 2013

Antarctic sea-level contribution

March 2013

Limits of adaptation to climate change

February 2013

Interview on climatic tipping cascade

January 2013

Interview on sea-level rise

August 2012

6th post of video-column "Ask a climate expert"
» Is there a limit to global warming?

August 2012

Arctic sea ice melt 2012 on national television ARD Nachmagazin

July 2012

Interview on Greenland melt season covered by - Zeit-online - Welt-online - Berliner Morgenpost - Süddeutsche - ZDF heute - Fokus-online

July 2012

FuturZwei with actress Christiane Paul

May 2012

Parliamentary hearing on EU-emission target
» Own statements
    » Full hearing

December 2011

Future sea level rise

November 2011

COP-17 climate conference in Durban

October 2011

Detailed interview for book by Christiane Paul with Peter Unfried on climate change and life

January 2011

January 2011

January 2011

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