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27th November 2023
Future floods: Global warming intensifies heavy rain - even more than expected

30th August 2023
Climate extremes hit stressed economies even harder

23rd January 2023
Stuck: climate change makes people too poor to migrate

17th October 2022
Economic losses from hurricanes become too big to be offset by the US if warming continues

22nd September 2022
Shifting climate zones: Sahel might get 50% more rain by 2040

7th September 2022
Extreme temperatures fuel online hate speech

13th January 2022
Rainy days harm the economy

27th October 2021
The Ripple Factor: Economic losses from weather extremes can amplify each other across the world

21st April 2021
Solar panels are contagious - in a good way

14th April 2021
Climate change is making the Indian monsoon season more chaotic

8th January 2021
Erratic weather slows down the economy

23rd September 2020
Stability Check on Antarctica Reveals High Risk for Long-Term Sea-Level Rise

19th May 2020
Corona crisis fuels hate against Chinese on Twitter: Commentary

14th February 2020
The Antarctica Factor: model uncertainties reveal upcoming sea-level risk

27th January 2020
Climate costs smallest if warming is limited to 2C

18th July 2019
Sea level rise: West Antarctic ice collapse may be prevented by snowing ocean water onto it

13th June 2019
Initiated instability in West Antarctica might be the fastest on the continent

28th May 2018
China floods to hit US economy: climate effects through trade chains

11th January 2018
Adaptation now: River flood risks increase around the globe under future warming

12th December 2017
Tiny ice losses at Antarctica's fringes can accelerate ice loss far away

31st August 2017
Heavy rains not just in the US: current Monsoon in South Asia

27th August 2017
Electricity consumption in Europe will shift under climate change

7th July 2017
From dry to wet: Rainfall might abruptly increase in Africa's Sahel

16th August 2016
Can we economically outgrow climate change damages? Not for hurricanes we can't

10th June 2016
Globalization made economic production more vulnerable to climate change

10th March 2016
Sea-level rise too big to be pumped away

23rd February 2016
Sea-level rise past and future: robust estimates for coastal planners

2nd November 2015
Local destabilization can cause complete loss of West Antarctica's ice masses

5th October 2015
The warmer the higher: sea-level rise from Filchner-Ronne ice in Antarctica

11th September 2015
Burning all fossil energy would raise sea-level by more than 50 meters – and eliminate all ice of Antarctica

16th March 2015
Global warming brings more snow to Antarctica

14th August 2014
Antarctica could raise sea level faster than previously thought

4th May 2014
Uncorking East Antarctica yields unstoppable sea-level rise

5th March 2014
Cultural world heritage threatened by climate change

5th February 2014
Inducing climate-smart global supply networks: Nature Commentary

2nd February 2014
Coastal flood damage and adaptation costs investigated

15th July 2013
Each degree of global warming might ultimately raise global sea levels by more than 2 meters

20th June 2013
Ups-and-downs of Indian monsoon rainfall likely to increase under warming

12th December 2012
More ice loss through snowfall on Antarctica

21st March 2012
Ice loss in the Antarctic: Researchers find calving law

23rd June 2011
Researchers refine assessment of tipping elements of the climate system

9th December 2010
Slow cooling after warming peak

25th June 2010
Atlantic surface circulation qualifies as 'tipped' element

8th December 2009
Tipping Elements in the Earth System: How Stable is the Contemporary Environment?

19th October 2009
Monsoon model indicates potential for abrupt transitions

29th June 2007
Risk for breakdown of Atlantic ocean circulation

04th April 2005
Changes in Ocean Circulation Could Lead To Rapid Regional Sea Level Change

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