On our Telegraph Hill campus, with weather station and Süring Building. Foto: Andreas Pohlmann

At Maroubra during guest professorship in Sydney, 2015/16. Foto: Nick Cubbin

At Solheim Glacier, Iceland, 2016. Foto: Ragnar Axelsson
Foto Stefan Rahmstorf
Svalbard, Polar Ocean, 2008

In our library

Foto of Stefan Rahmstorf
Discussion with Klaus Töpfer, July 2007

Foto of Stefan Rahmstorf
Cover foto of the Danish magazine feature, June 2009
Foto of Stefan Rahmstorf
Cover of the Financial Times magazine, November 2009

In the car, the magazine's art director started a long-winded explanation of how they'd been discussing how to picture sea level rise.
Jokingly I said: I know, you want to put me in the sea in my suit. Somehow, they seemed to play along with this joke for too long - until I realised they were serious.
Thankfully, they had a wetsuit in the trunk. The Baltic in early May was ice cold.

Stefan Rahmstorf, DUH Lecture 2008
by Christine Kisorsy/DUH

Foto of Stefan Rahmstorf
by Karsten Schöne
Stefan Rahmstorf
by Karsten Schöne
Foto: Stefan Rahmstorf
by Karsten Schöne

Stefan Rahmstorf, Baltic Sea
by Benno Kraehahn for Vanity Fair

Stefan Rahmstorf at PIK
by Mark Steinmetz for National Geographic

Stefan Rahmstorf at PIK
Stefan Rahmstorf photographed at PIK
by Uwe Toelle (utfoto@aol.com)

On research vessel Rapuhia in the Pacific
(Foto: Mike Moore)

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