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A systematic study of Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) interactions
Pradhan P, Costa L, Rybski D, Lucht W, Kropp JP
In: Earth's Future
AGU publications, November 2017

Integrated assessments of water scarcity: knowns, unknowns and ways forward
Lissner TK, Sullivan CA, Reusser DE, Kropp JP
In: The Global Water System in the Anthropocene. Challenges for Science and Governance
Springer, August 2014

Food Self-Sufficiency across Scales: How Local Can We Go?
Pradhan P, Lüdeke MK, Reusser D, Kropp JP
Environ Sci Technol
48(16) 9463-70, 2014

Determining regional limits and sectoral constraints for water use under climate change
Lissner TK, Sullivan CA, Reusser DE, Lakes T, Kropp JP
Hydrology and Earth System Sciences
18 4039-4052, 2014

Climate impacts on human livelihoods: where uncertainty matters in projections of water availability
Lissner TK, Reusser DE, Schewe J, Lakes T, Kropp JP
Earth System Dynamics Discussions
5 (1) 403-442, 2014


A Human Development Framework for CO2 Reductions
Costa L, Rybski D, Kropp JP
6 (12): e29262, 2011

Embodied Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Diets
Pradhan P, Reusser D, Kropp JP
8(5) e62228, 2013


A systematic approach to integrate human well-being and human needs in sustainability and climate impact studies
Lissner TK, Reusser DE, Lakes T, Kropp JP

Monthly heating energy demand of the housing stock of the Netherlands and its provinces under climate change
Olonscheck M, Walther C, Kropp JP
Energy and Buildings
(in prep.)

Indication of Environmental Kuznets Curve in the Relation between Human Development and CO2-Emissions
Kornhuber K, Rybski D, Costa L, Reusser DE, Kropp JP
(in preparation)

Further reading

Embodied Crop Calories in Animal Products
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Armed conflict distribution in global drylands through the lens of a typology of socio-ecological vulnerability
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Cities as nuclei of sustainability?
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Data Publications

Data from Pradhan et al. ERL 2013
Data from Lissner et al. ESDD 2014

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