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TESS - Towards European Societal Sustainability
TESS was a three-year FP7 research project lead by Potsdam Institute for Climate Research. It aimed at understanding the potential of community-led initiatives to deliver a truly sustainable, low-carbon future. The main research questions are: How can innovative, grass-roots green initiatives lead to the transformational changes required to meet stretching carbon targets and wider community objectives; how can the wider emergence and success of such initiatives be supported? More information

RECREATE - REsearch network for forward looking activities and assessment of research and innovation prospects in the fields of Climate, Research Efficiency and raw mATErials
RECREATE is a policy support network that will collect and analyse strategic information about medium and long term research and innovation trends and prospects. It aims at creating clear cut research agenda for the Horizon 2020 priority of climate change, raw materials and resource efficiency.
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The project synergies evaluates, the effectiveness of combining adaptation and mitigation, and the potential effectiveness of cooperation among countries of both similar and different stages of development. Countries selected for the evaluation are: Brazil, Cambodia, Ethiopia, Kenya, India, Indonesia, Nicaragua, Pakistan, Philippines and South Africa. The project aims to identify synergies to committing financial resources to support mitigation and adaptation as efficiently as possible. It also aims at exploring socio-cultural factors relevant for adaptation. PIK coordinates the project in partnership with GermanWatch.

Transitions - Transition in view of Mitigation and Adaptation to Climate Change (2011-2013)
In collaboration with giz methods for climate impact assessment and climate adaptation were developed. A goal was to assess climate impacts beyond biophysical effects, linking climate change to livelihood conditions. During the project, the cigrasp-platform was improved and extended, including a module on transition.

The project was funded by the International Climate Initiative of the Federal Ministry of Environment, Germany. Project-ID: 12_II_089_Global_G_Methodeninventar

ci:grasp - (2009 - 2010)
The aim of the project was to develop a web-based platform that provides climate change related information. The result is the Climate Impacts: Global and Regional Adaptation Support Platform (ci:grasp), a web-based climate information service. It aims to support decision makers in developing and emerging countries to prioritise adaptation needs, and to plan and implement appropriate adaptation measures.