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On this side, you can download presentations that are either directly based on calculations by a SiMCaP module or are related to climate policy in general. The material on this website might be used for non-commercial purposes. Please include the source. Thanks!





Version "Brussels"  

Version "Oxford"  

Version "Exeter"  

On the risk of overshooting 2°C

by Malte Meinshausen, Brussels, Oxford, Exeter, January-February 2005

Presentation on the two questions "What CO2 concentrations correspond to 2°C?" and "What are the necessary (global) emission reductions?". These background presentations have been developed on the basis of the earlier presentation "The Climate Change Challenge" and are indeed very similar to each other with the "Version Oxford" probably offering the most detail. See as well background paper.


Climate Risks and 2°C

by Bill Hare with input by Stefan Rahmstorf, Buenos Aires, December 2004

Background presentation on climate impacts associated with different degrees of global mean warming. Special focus on climate change impacts on species, ecosystems and ice-shields. See as well background paper.


Emission implications of long-term climate targets

by Michel den Elzen, RIVM, and Malte Meinshausen, ETH Zurich, December 2004, Buenos Aires

Presentation at UNFCCC COP-10, Buenos Aires, on emission pathways for stabilization of greenhouse gases using the FAIR-SiMCaP method. See as well background paper.



The Climate Change Challenge

by Malte Meinshausen, November 2004, Brussels

Presentation on greenhouse gases stabilization levels and risks to overshoot 2°C for Working Group I of the EU stakeholder conference, 22 November 2004, Brussels. Presentation of three stabilization emission pathways using the 'SiMCaP EQW' module.



Der Kyoto Prozess

by Malte Meinshausen, January 2004, Basel (german)

Lecture notes at the University of Basel for the seminar "Mensch-Gesellschaft-Umwelt". Introduction to the international climate policy process for 1st and 2nd year students.



Switzerland & climate policy

by Malte Meinshausen, June 2004, Zurich (german)

Lecture notes at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology for the seminar "International Environmental Policy" by Prof. Thomas Bernauer. Introduction to Kyoto Protocol process, Swiss climate policy and emission statistics of Switzerland, EU and industrialised countries.



Scoping presentation for new multi-gas emission pathway method: EQW

by Malte Meinshausen, February 2004, Bilthoven, The Netherlands

Scoping presentation at RIVM Lunch Seminar for the new method 'Equal Quantile Walk' to create multi-gas emission pathways. Basis for the SiMCaP-EQW module. See as well background paper.




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