Provides classes for analyzing spatially embedded complex networks, handling multivariate data and generating time series surrogates.

class pyunicorn.climate.map_plot.MapPlot(grid: Grid, title: str)[source]

Bases: object

Encapsulates map plotting functions via Cartopy and Matplotlib.

__init__(grid: Grid, title: str)[source]
  • grid – The Grid object describing the map data to be plotted.

  • title (str) – The title describing the map data.


list of weak references to the object

plot(data: ndarray, label: str)[source]

Plot dataset onto self.grid. A simple setup to get a quick view of your data.

The plot can be customized by calling additional Matplotlib or Cartopy methods afterwards. It can then be saved via plt.savefig().

  • data (ndarray) – The dataset to be plotted on the Grid.

  • label (str) – A name for the dataset to print as label.