References to peer-reviewed publications, theses and reports describing in detail and applying the methods implemented in the pyunicorn package.

General complex networks

Review papers

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Spatially embedded networks


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Interacting/interdependent networks / networks of networks

Introduction to structural analysis of interacting networks


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Node-weighted network measures / node-splitting invariance



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Random graph models and network surrogates for interacting networks


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Analysis of node-weighted interacting networks

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Climate data analysis (general)


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Climate networks / Coupled climate networks

Comparing linear and nonlinear construction of climate networks


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Introduction to coupled climate networks and applications

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Review of climate network analysis (in Chinese!)


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Visualization of climate networks


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Evolving climate networks


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Power Grids/Power Networks

Resistance based networks

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Time series analysis and synchronization


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Event synchronization

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Recurrence networks / quantification analysis / plots

Review of recurrence plots and RQA


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A thorough introduction to recurrence network analysis


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Discussion of choosing an appropriate recurrence threshold

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Introduction to measures of (fractal) transitivity dimensions


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Theory of recurrence networks

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Multivariate extensions of recurrence network analysis

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Visibility graph analysis



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Application to geophysical time series


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Tests for time series irreversibility


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