Impacts of Global Change on the Water Cycle in the Elbe Region - Risks and Options

River Elbe


GLOWA-Elbe Book 2008 (english)

GLOWA-Elbe Book 2005 (german)

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Soil and Integrated Water Model

R O L E . O F . T H E . M O D E L . W I T H I N . T H E . G L O W A - E L B E . P R O J E C T

Temporal and spatial high-dissolved modelling of water supply without management and the plant yields in the entire Elbe basin under global change (climate and land use changes)

Model interfaces to (input data): STAR; LUS

Model interfaces to (output data): WBalMo, MONERIS, RAUMIS

Peculiarities of the SWIM-Elbe implementation:2255 subbasins sub-divided into 42708 hydrotopes

Time frames: Validation:  1951 – 2005

Projection: 2006 - 2055

Potential users and application areas:

a) Consultants supporting water authorities in identification of programmes of measures aiming at implementation of the Water Framework Directive and in general at sustainable water and land use management;

b) Researchers and universities investigating processes and feedbacks in hydrology and vegetation at the catchment scale including impacts of land use and climate change

Availability: For code and documentation please contact

Resources needed for set-up of site-specific model: High. Pending on complexity of the modelling problem and experience of user 2-3 month (without calibration).




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