Impacts of Global Change on the Water Cycle in the Elbe Region - Risks and Options

River Elbe


GLOWA-Elbe Book 2008 (english)

GLOWA-Elbe Book 2005 (german)

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R O L E . OF . T H E . M O D E L . W I T H I N . T H E . G L O W A - E L B E . P R O J E C T

Analysis and simulation of changes in nutrient transformation and retention and algal growth in the Elbe due to changes in climate and discharge. Simulation of the consequences of global change for the ecological state of the Elbe.

Model interfaces to (input data): HYDRAX (internal), MONERIS

Model interfaces to (output data): -

Special features: Quasi-2d modelling of hydrological dead zones (lateral, e.g. groyne fields), stratified sections (vertical) and modelling of reverse flow in tidal water.

Potential users and application areas: Water authorities and research institutes;
Simulation of effects of engineering measures, purification strategies and global change on water quality, matter budgets and ecological interactions.

Availability: Free on request, to date in cooperation with the BfG only.

Resources needed for set-up of site-specific model: About one week when input data are available.


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