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RClimDex is a graphical user interface which allows for easy calculation of 27 climate extreme indices, such as the number of frost days, number of summer days, growing season length, daily temperature extremes, and more. Constructing these indices is useful in climate change monitoring and trend detection. RClimDex was designed to assist in analyzing climate data from weather stations from any pat of the world, allowing for combining and homogenizing of disparate data points to create a single map of data.

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Sector: climate
Spatial scale: global
Temporal focus: present
Onset: independent
Role in decision process: diagnostic
Level of skills required: limited
Data requirements: limited
Adaptation tasks: Detection and attribution; Potential impact projection


RClimDex can be used to combine disparate data points, such as a range of data points from weather stations, into one set which can be used in analysis of current climate, in monitoring and evaluation, as well as trend detection, decision-making steps of larger climate change analyses.


The tool is provided with a graphical interface, allowing for users not proficient with statistical software to still combine data points and calculate indices. The software utilizes the R statistics program, and needs to be installed. All instructions as to installation of required packages, as well as use of the tool, is documented in a user's guide, made available on the tool website. No other special requirements exist besides a computer.

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