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PRECIS, developed by the UK Met Office, is similar to the COSMIC2 tool in providing access to downscaled climate data based on the Hadley Centre's regional climate modeling. It was developed in order to assist developing countries by giving them free to use access to the tool and providing high-resolution regional climate projections.

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Sector: climate
Spatial scale: regional
Temporal focus: future
Onset: slow
Role in decision process: diagnostic
Level of skills required: high
Data requirements: modest
Adaptation tasks: Detection and attribution; Potential impact projection


PRECIS provides regional climate data for use in regional or national impact and adaptation analysis. It has previously been used for studies in regions of Asia, Central America, Africa, and China.


The PRECIS model, while supplied free of charge, requires a deep background in climate modeling in order to generate robust results; required inputs to the tool are GCM output estimates and details about the area to be modeled, and other parameters necessary for validation. The software requires a Linux PC to run; the faster the better, as runs could take as long as 2.5 months to complete running on a processer with limited computing power (a quad-core processor would take an estimated 8 weeks).

The Hadley Centre has run training seminars in the past, and staff are available to consult on use of the tool. The tool is supplied free of charge, along with accompanying documentation, to users from developing countries and those with economies in transition. Developed country institutions are charged 5,000 Euro.

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