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GODAS consists of a dataset of ocean properties, maintained by the National Centers for Environmental Prediction (NCEP). The dataset consists of real time analysis of ocean temperatures and salinity, as well as historical estimates from the years 1979 - 2004. The goal of GODAS is to enable study of global climate, as well as analysis of sub-seasonal, seasonal, and interannual variability of the ocean.

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Sector: global context; climate
Spatial scale: global; regional
Temporal focus: present
Onset: slow
Role in decision process: diagnostic
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Adaptation tasks: Detection and attribution


As mentioned in the , GODAS can provide inputs into studies of climate change impacts, as well as studies of ocean variability, as the dataset provides estimates of ocean temperature, salinity, and movement at a global scale.


There is no charge for use of the data, and users can download datasets via web browser. Knowledge of FORTRAN may be helpful to extract data, but specific plots can also be downloaded via the GODAS website. All relevant documentation is provided on the website.

Further Reading and References

Further documentation on the GODAS data can be found at: and the GODAS website.

Access to the data is provided at:

Further reading:

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