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The Climate Impacts LINK Project is a dataset curated by the British Atmospheric Data Centre (BADC), containing output results from a number of climate models and experiments conducted by the Hadley Centre. Most of the datasets are from global HadCM3 and regional HadRM3 model runs.

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Sector: global context; climate
Spatial scale: global; regional
Temporal focus: future
Onset: slow
Role in decision process: diagnostic
Level of skills required: limited
Data requirements: limited
Adaptation tasks: Detection and attribution; Potential impact projection


The BADC provides access to a number of model runs, and provides documentation as to the format, structure, and outputs of the datasets, but does not provide insight as to choosing one dataset over another, and recommends consulting expert advice for such decisions. They suggest that the UK Met Office scientists involved in the modeling can be helpful in this regard.

As to output results, they range in scope from global to regional coverage, and are provided in daily and monthly average values. Most outputs relate to atmospheric qualities, although ocean traits are supplied by some models as well. Once chosen, selected outputs can be used as inputs into various assessments of climate change impacts and adaptation. Downscaling (described in the MEDIATION toolbox) can be used to facilitate analysis at a more precise spatial resolution.


Datasets are provided by the BADC free of charge for research use, for other uses (e.g. commercial) users should contact the curators; there are no specific computer or training requirements, although it is necessary to have an understanding of model assumptions and processes; expert guidance is recommended.

Further Reading and References

Access to the data archives can be found at:

The BADC can be contacted at:
The British Atmospheric Data Centre, Space Science and Technology Department
R25- Room 2.122,
CCLRC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, Chilton, nr Didcot,
Oxfordshire, OX11 0QX, England, UK;
Tel: +44.1235.44. 64.32;
Fax: +44.1235.44.63.14.

UK Met Office:

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