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A python package to interact and test the ecohydrological model SWIM.


  1. Setup python environment $ virtualenv swimpyenv and activate it $ source swimpyenv/bin/activate

  2. Download and install SWIMpy: $ pip install git+

  3. Setup your project in your model directory: $ swimpy setup

  4. Check the commandline help swimpy -h, use your project in python scripts by importing swimpy and loading the project instance: project = swimpy.Project() or by starting the browser app $ swimpy browser start and navigate your browser to [http://localhost:8000](http://localhost:8000)


  • Python API

  • Documented commandline interface

  • A central project settings file

  • Easy per-project customisations and extensions

  • Record runs with parameter changes, result indicators and data files

  • Simple browser app to browse saved model runs and show plots

  • Easy parameter reading/setting and output file reading

  • Result visualisation with reusable matplotlib plot functions

  • Interface to GRASS database

  • Linking to the [evoalgos]( multiobjective evolutionary optimization package


  • Michel Wortmann <> (development Lead), Potsdam Institute of Climate Impact Research, Germany

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