Bootstrapping, Resampling, Uncertainty Visualization

Watching Claus Wilke’s rstudio::conf2019 talk on his new ungeviz r package to visualize uncertainty with ggplot2, I realized that I only have a fuzzy idea what bootstrapping is. For some reason I didn’t find the wikipedia entry particularly illuminating for what I assumed to be a simple procedure. Also it is Sunday and I wanted to watch a video rather than read something. Resampling and Bootstrapping Looking for someone to explain this to me in terms I can understand on a Sunday I found Christina Knudson’s youtube channel where she does exactly that in small, easily digestible chunks.

Setting up this website with blogdown

I have been trying for some time now to reorganize much of my workflow around Yihui Xie’s great collection of R packages around R Markdown. So when looking for a conventient way to share little tidbits of code, figures, tutorials and other random stuff I stumbled across his blogdown R package and decided to give it a try. Unsurprisingly my initial plan to briefly try it out escalated somewhat and I ended up redoing my academic website from scratch, including this blog, based on blogdown and Hugo.