Climate map explorer - Sea-level rise impacts (focal countries)

ci:grasp provides a growing collection of interactive maps depicting both climate stimuli and climate impacts.
Use the ci:grasp map explorer to browse this pool of interactive climate maps.
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Please avoid over-interpreting the maps. Maps only have a certain explanatory power. For example, the data presented on the interactive world map is not applicable for highly localized projections, forecasts, and "ground truthing" events and processes there.

Please make use of the ci:grasp glossary to clarify terms you are unfamiliar with.

It is helpful to discover whether and where adaption measures are currently taking place, and what type of impacts they address. You can search for adaptation projects in our adaptation project database.

Please refer to the ci:grasp list of references for an ample body of scientific literature. The references in the text throughout the platform are collected there.