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Neil Adger, W. (1999). Social vulnerability to climate change and extremes in coastal Vietnam. World Development, 27(2), 249-269. Southeast Asia: Vietnam Typhoons heavily disrupt harvests and affect the germination of rice seedlings. Major economic activities of coastal communities such as salt-making are also disrupted due to the landfall of typhoons and storms. Secure tenure and access over important coastal resources to increase community resilience.

Barnett, J. (2011). Dangerous climate change in the Pacific Islands: food production and food security. Regional Environmental Change, 11(1), 229-237. Pacific/ Pacific Islands: Fiji Cyclone Ami (2003) severely impacted areas of Fiji due to heavy rains, flooding and landslides. Crop losses (e.g. sugarcane) were estimated to be worth over US $35 million. -

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