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The Climate Impacts: Global and Regional Adaptation Support Platform (ci:grasp) is a web-based climate information service. It aims to support decision makers in developing and emerging countries to prioritise adaptation needs, and to plan and implement appropriate adaptation measures. Read more ...

ci:grasp is structured based on impact chains, which demonstrate how a given climate stimulus propagates through a system of interest via the direct and indirect impacts it entails. Learn more ...

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A collection of interactive applications

ci:grasp comes with a growing collection of tailored interactive tools that allow you to explore climate information in its geographical context.

Discover where adaptation projects have taken place. Explore our climate maps and the scenarios they provide for the development of climate stimuli and impacts on global and regional level.

As a start, you may visit for example the Multi-Map Viewer for RCP projections, the Climate Diagram Generator, the HDI & CO2 Explorer or ci:grasp's City Module.

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ci:grasp encourages people to contribute their experiences from climate-change related adaptation projects and share their knowledge.

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Find projects that happened in your region or target at similar climate-related problems.

For more discussion on the practice of adaptation also check out AdaptationCommunity.net

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