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Ecosystems under Global
A Concerted Action funded by the 5th Framework Programme of the European Commission
»Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development«; Life time 2002 - 2005
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AVEC-commissioned Papers

Commissioned papers are especially AVEC-sponsored papers, written by young scientists as a review of our present understanding of the vulnerability of certain ecosystems.

The first commissioned AVEC paper has been published by the European Commission and can be downloaded here: (pdf: 600KB) Robert Muetzelfeldt: Declarative Modelling in Ecological and Environmental Research

The second paper has been submitted to Regional Environmental Change:
Marc J. Metzger and Dagmar Schröter: Towards a Spatially Explicit and Quantitative Vulnerability Assessment of Environmental Change in Europe (pdf: 400KB) and published online on 26 August 2006:

This paper has been submitted to Ecological Application:
Jacqueline de Chazal, Sandra Lavorel, Wilfried Thuiller and Fabien Quétier: Evaluation of Prospective Changes in the Ecosystem Services of European Biodiversity in response to Climate Change

This paper will also be published by the European Commission and a draft can already be downloaded below:
Danilo Russo: Effects of Land Abandonment on Animal Species in Europe: Conservation and Management Implications (pdf: 1MB)

This paper has been submitted to Global Environmental Change:
Jacqueline Dyer and Gareth Edwards-Jones: Tools for Vulnerability Assessment: Socio-economic Scenarios of Land Use Change


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