For development, especially if you want to test pyunicorn from within the source directory:

$> pip install --user -e .

Test suite

Before committing changes to the code base, please make sure that all tests pass. The test suite is managed by tox and configured to use system-wide packages when available. Thus to avoid frequent waiting, we recommend you to install the current versions of the following packages:

$> pip install tox nose networkx Sphinx
$> pip install pylint pytest pytest-xdist pytest-flakes pytest-pep8

The test suite can be run from anywhere in the project tree by issuing:

$> tox

To expose the defined test environments and target them independently:

$> tox -l
$> tox -e py27-units,py27-pylint

To test single files:

$> tests/      # doctests
$> nosetests -vs tests/core/  # unit tests
$> pylint pyunicorn/core/         # code analysis
$> py.test pyunicorn/core/        # style

Mailing list

Not implemented yet.