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COSMIC2 is a tool which provides researchers and policy analysts a way to generate country-specific climate change scenarios. As most researchers do not have access to the computing power required to run GCM models, COSMIC2 provides access to national-level climate and sea level estimates for a range of emissions scenarios, allowing for use of consistent and proven GCM runs.

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Sector: climate
Spatial scale: national
Temporal focus: future
Onset: slow
Role in decision process: diagnostic
Level of skills required: limited
Data requirements: limited
Adaptation tasks: Potential impact projection; Detection and attribution


COSMIC2 provides national-level climate change projections for 158 countries; this data can be used as inputs to any further impact or adaptation analysis.


As stated above, COSMI2 outputs national level estimates for 158 countries; outputs include monthly estimates of average temperature and precipitation, as well as annual mean temperature, sea levels, and CO2 concentration. The tool only requires user inputs in terms of selecting a GCM and emissions scenario. COSMIC2 is free to use, and is provided on request by EPRI.

Send request to Larry J. Williams (

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