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* indicates corresponding author role, + denotes that authors contributed equally

M. Kotz, A. Levermann, L. Wenz*
The economic commitment of climate change (under review)
>> Preprint
W. Guo, L. Wenz, M. Auffhammer
To see or not to see: The visual (dis)amenity value of wind turbines (conditionally accepted, PNAS)
M. Tavoni, P. Andreoni, M. Calcaterra, E. Calliari, T. Deubelli-Hwang, R. Mechler, S. Hochrainer-Stigler, L. Wenz
Financing needs for climate loss and damage (under review)
K. Barton-Henry & L. Wenz*
Global economic response to fires has changed over time (under review)
N. Koegel, M. Kalkuhl, M. Kotz, L. Wenz*
Unequal impacts of climate change on inventive activity: a novel perspective on future productivity (under review)
J.H. Lochner, A. Stechemesser, L. Wenz*
Protests and IPCC publications amplify climate change media coverage more than extreme weather (under review)
Robert D. Carr+, M. Kotz+, P.P. Pichler, H. Weisz, L. Wenz+
Climate change to exacerbate the burden of water collection on women’s welfare globally (under review)
Ongoing (selection)
D. Huffman, A. La Nauze, L. Wenz
Temperature and Preferences: Global Evidence
H. Gruhl, N. Koch, M. Themann, L. Wenz
At boiling point: Amplification of heat shocks in global business groups

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