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Hi folks, that's me (Thomas)   Hi folks, that's me. 

Curriculum vitae

Spremberg, (The Mark Brandenburg) [51°34′18″N 14°22′46″E ]
primary school (the building hosts now the Gymnasium)
high school (ex "Pablo Neruda")
Humboldt University at Berlin
Academy of Agricultural Sciences: Research Group for Mathematics and Computation & Institute for Cereals Research
Academy of Sciences: Institute for Ecosystems Research
since 1992
Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research [52°22'50''N 13° 3'51''E]

Department of Global Change and Natural Systems [52°22'55''N 13° 3'''E]

Diploma in Theoretical Biophysics
Teaching post for Theoretical Ecology and Ecosystems Modelling (University Potsdam)
2021 May

Modelling of Terrestrial Ecosystems (University Potsdam)

Workshop on Regional Model Application
The PIK will host a GCTE Foc 2/3 Workshop

Crop Models and Scaling

16-19 Nov 1998 at The Albert Einstein Science Park Potsdam, Telegrafenberg.

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Research interests
Theory and modeling of ecosystem behaviour and plant physiology
Global Change Effects on vegetation on different scales, especially effects of elevated atmospheric CO2
Scaling problems and regional application of mechanistic plant models
Experimental and theoretical studies of plant physiology, photosynthesis, water and energy exchange

Current research activities
Studies of plant physiology, photosynthesis, water and energy exchange wthin a mesoscale flux experiment in the State of Brandenburg (LITFASS.98) and during the 1999 Total Solar Eclipse in Bavaria

Major Publications(part is currently under construction, some manuscripts will be made available)
Kartschall T, Grossman S, Kimball BA, Garcia RL, LaMorte RL, Pinter Jr. PJ & Wall GW (1995)
A Simulation of Phenology, Growth, Water and Gas Exchange under Ambient Atmosphere and Free-Air Carbon Dioxide Enrichment (FACE) Maricopa, AZ, for Wheat.
Journal of Biogeography 22, 611-622.
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Besides the research, which led me to different places in the world, I am interested in landscape (deserts, mountains) and abandoned places.
Some of my favorite pictures you can see in my small private gallery. Please note that all rights of these photos are reserved. 
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