Visual Exploration of Global Trade Networks with Time-Dependent and Weighted Hierarchical Edge Bundles on GPU


Tensors model a wide range of physical phenomena. While symmetric tensors are sufficient for some applications (such as diffusion), asymmetric tensors are required, for example, to describe differential properties of fluid flow. Glyphs permit inspecting individual tensor values, but existing tensor glyphs are fully defined only for symmetric tensors. We propose a glyph to visualize asymmetric second-order two-dimensional tensors. The glyph includes visual encoding for physically significant attributes of the tensor, including rotation, anisotropic stretching, and isotropic dilation. Our glyph design conserves the symmetry and continuity properties of the underlying tensor, in that transformations of a tensor (such as rotation or negation) correspond to analogous transformations of the glyph. We show results with synthetic data from computational fluid dynamics.

Computer Graphics Forum, (36), 3