Reinhard Calov and Ralf Greve



Selected publications around ISMIP-HEINO
  • Saito F (2012), Impact of arithmetic asymmetries on simulated thermodynamic ice-sheet evolution. J Glaciol 58 (210): 767-775.
  • van Pelt WJJ, and Oerlemans J (2012), Numerical simulations of cyclic behaviour in the Parallel Ice Sheet Model (PISM). J Glaciol 58 (208): 347-360.
  • Dunse T, Greve R, Schuler TV, Hagen JO (2011), Permanent fast flow versus cyclic surge behaviour: numerical simulations of the Austfonna ice cap, Svalbard. J Glaciol 57 (201): 247-259.
  • Soucek O, and Martinec Z (2011), ISMIP-HEINO experiment revisited: effect of higher-order approximation and sensitivity study. J Glaciol 57 (206): 1158-1170.
  • Hindmarsh RCA (2011), Correspondence: Ill-posedness of the shallow-ice approximation when modelling thermo-viscous instabilities. J Glaciol 57 (206): 1177-1178.
  • Calov R, Greve R, Abe-Ouchi A, Bueler E, Huybrechts P, Johnson JV, Pattyn F, Pollard D, Ritz C, Saito F, Tarasov L (2010) Results from the ice sheet model intercomparison project - Heinrich event intercomparison (ISMIP HEINO). J Glaciol 56 (197): 371-383 pdf (1.2 Mbyte).
  • Calov R, Greve R (2006) ISMIP HEINO. Ice Sheet Model Intercomparison Project - Heinrich Event INtercOmparison pdf (307 kbyte).
  • Greve R, Takahama R, Calov R (2006) Simulation of large-scale ice-sheet surges: the ISMIP HEINO experiments. Polar Meteorology and Glaciology 20: 1-15 abstract.
ISMIP-HEINO Conference Abstracts
  • Calov R, Greve R, Huybrechts P, Bueler E, Pollard D, Pattyn F, Tarasov L (2007) First Results of the ISMIP-HEINO Model Intercomparison Project. Geophysical Research Abstracts 9, European Geosciences Union: EGU07-A-02910 pdf (31 kbyte).
  • Calov R, Greve R (2006) Large-scale ice-sheet oscillations - mechanism, modelling, intercomparison. Geophysical Research Abstracts 8, European Geophysical Society: EGU06-A-03455 pdf (30 kbyte).
  • Greve R, Calov R, Takahama R (2006) Simulation large-scale ice-sheet surges for the ISMIP HEINO set-up. Geophysical Research Abstracts 8, European Geophysical Society: EGU06-A-03262 pdf (30 kbyte).
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