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The IT-Services group designs, builds and maintains the computer based infrastructure of the institute. Most importantly the group provides the technological platform for high performance scientific computing – the support and resources required for the development of numerical models, the execution of simulation experiments, the utilization of computer networks and the management of large and complex scientific data-sets for scientists employed by the institute and cooperation partners.

General Information & Helpdesk

Contacts and Responsibilities. IT User Account Applications. The Service Desk Ticket System.

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Personal Computers

Personal computer (PC) standard configurations. Initial PC configuration and delivery. PC problem management and support (hardware and software). PC firmware management. PC redemption. PC refurbishment. Public workstation management. [log-in required]

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Core IT Services

Identity management (user accounts and groups), print management: central print queues, printers, plotter, scanner & fax devices. Technical evaluation of IT procurements. Project server hosting. General server management. Software evaluation and software provisioning. Tools for software project management. IT consulting & IT security.

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Computer Networks & Communication Services

Internet Connectivity / Capacity, Local Area Networks, Wireless Networks (WiFi), E-mail, Web Portals and Web Content Management, Video- and Webconferencing, Internet Filetransfer for Project Groups, Remote Access.

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Storage & Data Management

Home and project file systems. Backup and archiving. Publication archives. Database applications (scientific metadata, 3rd party projects, etc.).

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High Performance Computing

Procurement and operation of high performance computing clusters for computational intensive numerical simulations. Batch queue and job scheduler management. HPC programming support.

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IT services for partners. Presentation facilities. Professional training.

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