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Cloud Storage

Internet File Sharing. Shared Network Calendars. Synchronizing data and dates between mobile devices.


Introduction to cloud services at the institute. [login-required]

Introduction - Mehr…

Files and Folders

Using files and folders in the cloud, synchronizing content, sharing content with others, recover old versions or restore deleted items, [log-in required].

Files and Folders - Mehr…


An introduction to the possibilities and limits of the functionality to see and edit documents online. [log-in required]

Documents - Mehr…


Contains a short description of the picture viewer [login-required]

Pictures - Mehr…


An introduction to the tag-based synchronizatblet tool for managing bookmarks [log-in required]

Bookmarks - Mehr…


An introduction to the contact management service - meaning, options and limits. [log-in required]

Contacts - Mehr…


An introduction to the synchronizable note taking html-editor. [log-in required]

Notes - Mehr…


An introduction to the basic features of the calendar service, links to synchronization clients and hints for sharing. [log-in required]

Calendar - Mehr…


An introduction to the calendar related task management service. [log-in required]

Tasks - Mehr…


Log for actions performed in the cloud for staying aware of shares, uploads and other changes. [log-in required]

Activity - Mehr…

DFN Meeting Scheduler / Terminplaner

A meeting planner / scheduler is provided free of charge by the German Research Network (DFN-Verein). Employees are advised to use this planner instead of commercial offerings in order to comply with data privacy legislation. The planner can also be used to conduct surveys or polls.

DFN Meeting Scheduler / Terminplaner - Mehr…